Paver wet look sealing

Wet look sealing

Pressure washing and wet look sealing paving stones, paver patios, walkways, driveways and retaining walls can be one of the biggest curb appeal improvements and a true wow factor for your property. Have you ever looked at your patio or driveway or retaining wall after a rainfall and thought to yourself wow this looks so nice ... ? well paver pressure washing and wet look sealing is the answer to this.
Available options
-natural luster
-Wet look

For New Construction
paving stones 
For new construction a wait period is needed of at least 3 and even preferably 6 months for the efflorescence to come out of the pavers, watering the pavers daily will speed this up.
On new construction we might be able to soft wash and then proceed to sealing .
For older construction
paving stones
Proper prep work is the key in sealing therefore no matter if someone did clean it all a day before we will still do ALL of the following.
We will pressure wash the surface using surface cleaners and turbo nozzles, chemical cleaners will also be used to ensure properly cleaned surface for optimal sealer application, after cleaning we will wet sand the joint lines, after all this extensive work we can proceed to sealing.

Why do we re sand - wet sand before sealing ?
When sealing pavers we don't just seal the pavers but also the sealer penetrates the "sand" in the joint lines,  part of the pressure washing is to remove a proper amount of previously used sand or joint compound so we can wet sand our specialty sand that will trully let the sealer penetrate deep down the sand in between pavers then harden the joints lines and give you a more ants and weeds resistant  joint lines and improve the stability of pavers in place.


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